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Print Making

The first in Hong Kong


Printing Service

​Shenzhen own factory

In addition to custom-made gifts, we can also provide your company's products to us for printing. Our printing technology includes silk screen printing, UV color printing, laser, engraving, and processing and printing logos or patterns for customers' products.

In addition, we can print a variety of gifts, such as vacuum flask, mug, USB, travel plug, T-shirt and so on.


Silk screen technology

Screen printing (silk printing) is one of the most commonly used and economical printing methods, suitable for single-color or distinct colors. First, the pattern screen is made, the ink is filled into the screen mesh with a squeegee, and then the pattern is colored on the clothes.

UV Printing

UV color printing

Special UV inks are used on UV printing machines to achieve partial or overall UV effects, such as: plates, metals, aluminum plates, stainless steel, glass, textiles, transparent stickers, plastics, PVC and other materials. By drying and curing the UV ink on the surface of the printed product with ultraviolet rays, a bright film with extremely light and artistic effect can be formed on the surface of the printed product. This process can well highlight the level and outline of the graphic part.

Laser Printing

Laser printing

A technology that uses laser as a light source and uses its high-resolution imaging to be applied to printing and automatic office equipment.


Engraving logo

Carving, in sculpture, refers to cutting or carving wood, stone, or other materials into a desired shape, which can be called carving.

The minimum order quantity is 50

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