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​Order Process

1, Choose your favorite gift

    -After customers choose the gifts they want to order on our website, they can contact us from our website's quotation inquiry system / Whatsapp / email or phone

    -Customers can also provide a budget, let us provide you with gift customization suggestions

    -After understanding the needs, our sales colleagues will send the quotation to your email as soon as possible

2, confirm the order

   -After confirming the order, we will provide another sales confirmation letter for signature verification

   -Later design colleagues will provide gift design renderings for reference

3. Design renderings and handling

   -After the customer confirms the design drawing, we will start to deal with it

   -The normal time for us to make arrangements is 7 days

   -The sample will be sent to your company after the order is completed (free shipping)

4. Mass production

   -After the deal is confirmed, we will immediately arrange the production of bulk goods

   -During production, our QC colleagues will regularly inspect the factory to ensure the quality of bulk goods

   -Before shipment, we will provide multiple photos for customers to view, so that customers can rest assured

5. Distribution and logistics

   -All orders we include a designated location for free shipping

   -Delivery locations include Hong Kong, Mainland and Macau (other places can be negotiated)

   -Free shipping locations in Hong Kong do not include outlying islands, Lantau and some restricted areas, etc., you need to confirm the shipping cost with our colleagues

​   -If you have any questions after receiving the goods, you can also contact us through different channels

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